Netzwerk Konnakol Deutschland: - was initially started by Master of Mridangam Anushaant N. Wijayan and contemporary composer & mediaartist Johannes Winkler - together with further artists, musicians, and researchers with different cultural and aesthetic backgrounds (carnaticmusic, contemporary music, jazz, speech-therapy ) in 2018. Each of us is deeply experienced and creative in his field. Together we are teaching, researching, composing and building up 'Netzwerk Konnakol Deutschland' - also based around the network of Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany in Essen, Ruhr (since 2017). In order to make the profound potential of carnatic-rhythm transfers more transparent to german students and academics, we are recently (2021) extending our team with further interprets from various backgrounds (contemporary music, classical, jazz). Read more about us below ...

Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan

master of mridangam | Essen

co-founder of Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany
interpret, docent, chairman of Netzwerk-Konnakol

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Johannes Winkler

artist. composer [Dipl.]. researcher | Essen

initiator of
docent, compositions, concepts, videos, (interpret - a little)

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Nagushaanth Nayinai Wijayan

master of percussion

advisor of Netzwerk-Konnakol
author of 'Mridangam Handbook', teacher at TCFA

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Mridangam | Art

Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany

graduating in carnatic arts - since 2017

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New Members 2020:

Anita Stanko

staatl. anerk. Logopädin | Gestaltpsychotherapeutin


New Members 2021:

Magnus Dauner

Jazzdrummer [Dipl.]
Percussion, Pop, Funk, World

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New Member 2022:
- performing artist -

Prasanth Piranavanathan

master of mridangam

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New Member 2023:
- teacher, musician-

Christoph Kammer

Musiklehrer | Essen

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